Becoming Minimalist



“Minimalism isn’t emptiness for the sake of emptiness; but rather making room to move freely, think clearly, and open ourselves to the beauty and wonder of life.” – Francine Jay

I guess you could say my interest in minimalism was sparked when I went over my best friends house one night under the pretense of drinks. However, after a couple of drinks and a full belly (her husband is a wonderful cook!) she batted her eyelashes, complimented my ability to discern colors, and asked if I could help arrange her wardrobe with this wonderful talent. Naturally, I said I would! We then sat there for a minute until she spoke again, asking me again if I didn’t mind. I, again, agreed. I paused and looked at her, asking “You mean now?!”

We walked into her bedroom (which had drastically transformed and become far less cluttered over the last month) to see a small closet with no more than maybe 20-25 pieces of clothing. We then spent the next half hour arranging her clothes by length and color until she was satisfied-which I expected of course. However, something funny happened. I quickly became much too satisfied myself- I mean, this wasn’t my closet, so why am I so proud of this rather minor accomplishment?!

On my ride home, I began thinking. I asked myself, could I possible apply this to my own life. We had discussed her new journey into minimalism and how it has impacted her life. Not only did her house look more organized and clean than I have ever seen it before-keep in mind she has never been an organized person and is the mother of a 2 year old boy-but she was also so incredibly happy. She beamed! I continued to think about it, and how I could transform my own wardrobe, my own tiny home, and my lifestyle.

Throughout the week I started to research minimalism in more depth. I read articles and blog posts written by some of the leading figures in the minimalism movement. I also, naturally, checked out my friends blog – flirtingwithminimalism. I fell in love. Yes, you heard me-I fell in love with minimalism. I also became slightly embarrassed for myself.

Explanation needed, I know. Most of my life, I have believed myself to be a simple person. I was never one to long after the latest trends. I mean I once had an iphone, if that counts-but truthfully I hated the thing and often wished I could go back to my LG flip phone on more than one occasion. Anyways, I was always known by my friends to be the simple girl, who owned a family farm, spent her Summer in the dirt soil, and drove a base model Saturn with manual EVERYTHING! Obviously in recent years I upgraded the car (out of necessity), and still continue to get down and dirty in the Summer. But as I got home that evening from my friends house and began to look around I realized, my husband and I own WAY TOO MUCH STUFF. I used to think we just had too small a house for what we had. I started mentally going through each room, each drawer, each square foot. I can count dozens of items off  the top of my head that I can throw out or donate this second, and I wouldn’t miss them at all. So why don’t I?

I guess that was the question I was trying to answer through all my research and reading. Now, to answer that question, there is no answer. I instead turned that “why don’t I” into a “why don’t I start now?” This turned into “why don’t I make a list?” and “why don’t I set my cleaning and organizing goals?” and so on and so forth.

I have to say, I have never been so excited to clean my house, my wardrobe, my life. That is why I also decided to create this blog, to track my journey, my thoughts, my antics. Not only am I going to purge and minimalize my wardrobe, my belongings, my “things,” but I am also going to apply this lifestyle to my health and eating habits, my mental state, my goals. I want to make minimalism a part of my everyday life-from the fields I work in the Summer, to the house I call my home. I want to minimize my “things” and my negative impact on the earth. That is why I am the Sustainable Minimalist.

I’m a woman. I’m a farmer. I’m a minimalist in the making.


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