True Thankfulness

As the month of November is coming to a close, we prepare ourselves to sit among family and friends and reflect on all the things in our lives we are most thankful for. These past few days I have discovered that I have many things to be thankful for, including the fact that if it were not for my desire to refocus myself and my life, I may not have had the ability or mindset to be truly thankful.

Which brings me to the first thankful point: Minimalism. If I had not decided to truly focus my energy on transitioning my life into minimalism, I would probably be sitting here making out a list of what Black Friday deals I wanted to score on, which of my 30 dresses I wanted to wear tomorrow, and what shoes to pair them with, or trolling Pinterest or Facebook pages looking for the best “inspiration” to pine after when shopping. Instead I am cuddling on my couch with my fur children and my husband, watching  one of my favorite TV shows, and preparing to spend a day with my family and friends. And instead of Black Friday shopping, I will be spending the day binge watching the new Gilmore Girls revival with my sister, in our pajamas. Life could not get much better than that.

Family: There have been many ups and downs in my life this past year, and there is honestly no way I could have made it through them without the upholding love and support of my family. I consider myself to be a lucky lady to have parents that are my best friends and a husband that loves me unconditionally, even when I prove to be less than lovable.

Friends: There is so much truth to the statement that friends are the family you choose for yourself. I am so thankful to have some very close friends that I can always depend on. No matter what my trouble or achievement, they are always there, with the right piece of advice and the right drink in their hand to help me or cheer me on.

My job: This probably goes without saying, but I am thankful for a job working with a group of wonderful people, for a boss I certainly cannot complain about, and earning a very decent salary for my husband and I to live comfortable. Of course money is not everything, but it is nice to know we have a solid rainy day fund so we do not need to worry about pinching pennies week to week. I only pray we do not encounter a situation that would cause the tables to turn.

My Faith: Above all else, I am eternally thankful for my Faith. My Faith has shaped me, helped me grow, helped me cope, and helped me minister to others in need. My Faith has brought me to and through all the hard times thus far, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. I have become more and more thankful in just these past few months alone for my growth in my Faith. I am thankful for knowing that my Faith will continue to grow and strengthen me with each day.

There are many things in life to be thankful for, but these, at the core of it all, are the god things to be most thankful for, for without them, I could not survive.

Happy Thanksgiving all and God Bless!

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