Selfless Love

I distinctly chose the title of this blog because of recent life events.

Big news to share: My husband, Sean, started training for his new job this week. Yay! Right? Well of course. I am super excited for him and for us. He has worked so hard to get to this point. However, this is going to be a major adjustment in our lives. We are now preparing to say good-bye to our normal “9-5” work-day schedules, weekends off together, random getaways, and so on.

This is a huge change for our household. HUGE. Do I have time to sit around and whine, though? No. I have a responsibility to be there for my husband, to support him. I need to be there to celebrate this exciting accomplishment. I need to be present when he is having a bad day. I need to put him first.

Marriage is like that ya’ll. It isn’t a one-way street. I did not marry  my husband so that he can always wait on me, hand and foot. I married him because I selflessly loved him. I vowed to love him through the good and  the bad, the ups and the downs. I entered into this marriage with the understanding that we would each have times in our lives when we needed the love and support from the other more. This just happens to be a period of time where I need to be 110% present for my husband and his needs.

Some people may say that this is contradictory. How could we function in a relationship that is supposed to be equal, when I just admitted that he is being put first? Honestly, though, if you were to ask him in this moment, what he would do if I was facing a hardship, he would have the same response. He would put me first.

Our normal is about to change, and that is okay. Normal is only relative to what you make it, and I choose to make it the best normal we can possibly have.


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