Wrestling with Chaos

Week one down, you guys! We survived the first week of the hub’s new job. I have to admit, it was rough at first….Who am I kidding? It’s still rough, but not nearly as bad this week. Let me give you a snapshot.

3:30-3:45-Wake up call. Sean needed to be in Boston for 6:00 every day. On a good day we live about 1 hour from Boston. By good day, I mean no traffic; no signs of life on the roads. That was not going to happen, therefore the early wake up calls. He was up and out the door by 4:45. At this point the dog and cat were stirring.

5:00-5:15-I was wide awake wondering why I didn’t just get up when he was getting ready to at least enjoy his company. On Wednesday I actually did get up at 4:00 with a relentless migraine, which rendered me useless.

6:30-I leave for work for the day. Typically my mother watches the dog and cat during the day (they live 2 houses down), but they were in Maine for the week. This meant I needed to make sure the dog went out, they were both fed (and the chickens were taken care of). ALL BEFORE 6:30 AM. Yikes!

7:00-4:00- Typical work day.

4:30-Get home. Take dog out. Check on chickens. Collect eggs. Make dinner. Do laundry. Feed cat.

5:30-Leave the house (sometimes right after or right before Sean gets home) for Vacation Bible School.

6:00-8:00-Run VBS program.

8:30-Get home. Have snack. Go to bed.

Repeat X 4. By the time Friday came around I am pretty sure we were beyond relieved to have made it through the week. That Blue Hawaiian was beyond needed and I am pretty sure we were passed out on the couch by 9:30. End scene.

Last week was tough. Aside from literal passing moments, I did not get to see my husband. By the time he got home and we ate dinner, I was on my way to VBS. By the time I got home and settled, we were going to bed. He was out the door in the morning before I could pry open my eyes. Thankfully VBS was a one week thing. However, after this week I am going to be flying completely solo. Sean will be gone for two weeks of training starting this weekend. Double yikes! Don’t get me wrong. I am a strong and independent woman that can handle her own for a few weeks, but it won’t make me miss him any less.

Have no fear, though! I have plenty of Gossip Girl episodes and chick flicks to catch up on.



Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

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