The Raw Truth: Coping with Time Apart


A close friend of mine wrote a blog this week, reflecting on the lack of anonymity in the blogging world, and how it has directly effected the way we portray our lives for others to see. Even though, I have never thought myself to be one that participates in this facade, I did resolve myself to be a better raw, real-life blogger. I know my life is far from perfect, but sometimes I may inadvertently neglect to reveal some truths in my life. So , in good faith, here it goes.

Friday now closes out the first of two weeks that my husband and I are apart. As part of his new job, he is required to participate in two weeks of training in Georgia, leaving me alone, holding down the fort. In a previous post, when I first mentioned this, I also threw in that I was big girl, who can be independent and handle her own. The truth: I was a complete emotional wreck the first 2 days. Let me first say, this is not because I am incapable of being by myself, because I can.

My husband, however, is more than just my husband. He is my best friend, my partner, my rock. My husband is an incredible man who has supported me through all the highs and lows. As a couple we have gone through trials and turmoils, successes and advancements. We are a team. So when I say I was an emotional wreck, it is because I was missing my partner, my better half. I did not feel complete without him near. I still feel like something is missing.  But I am also a strong woman, who is able to pull herself together and manage to get through one more week.

To help pass the time, I have kept myself busy with my martial arts classes, a ceramics night with my mother and friends from church, and a meeting with a fellow Sunday School teacher. It has been a blessing to have family and friends around to keep my mind and time occupied. I never thought I would see Friday come around, but here it is!

I am looking forward to a long weekend with family and a short workweek, all leading to the moment I finally get to pick my man up at the airport. Is it too much to count down the minutes now? Didn’t think so! 😉


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