Lessons Learned and Grateful Givings

Yes. I spilled coffee all over myself this morning. First thing. I did however, manage to miss *most* of my silk blouse and my keyboard, so that’s a bright side. I did, nonetheless, have to sit through the entire day with coffee stains on my pants. Happy Monday!

On the even brighter side, the hubs came home this weekend after successfully completing his training in Georgia. I cannot remember a time in my recent life where I have been so happy (besides my wedding day of course!). The time he was gone was definitely a difficult adjustment, but it taught me a few important lessons about myself.

  1. Make time to be alone and cherish it. This was actually a lesson I learned AFTER Sean returned home. He asked me a question and as I contemplated the answer, I realized that my grand plan to spend time catching up on things did not happen. I ended up being so busy during the time he was gone, that I failed to make time for myself. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I have not done this in MONTHS. Our lives have been so chaotic for so long and I did not even realize till just now. Which brings me to another important lesson…
  2. Prioritize your life. I love to be busy and I love to be active. I do not love feeling stressed and run down. I do not love when I bring this on myself. If I could not even manage to find one evening for myself while my husband was gone, how would I be able to find time for myself AND still make time for our relationship? Because of this, I am making a few conscious decisions to cut activities down and purposefully evaluate and schedule my days and weeks.
  3. It is more than OK to put your husband/family first. In today’s world, women (and even men) are often made to feel like they are selling out when they sacrifice for their families, or consciously decide to put their husbands/wives first. But that is what you are SUPPOSED to do. When you married each other, you vowed this, you promised this before God and family. You knowingly said “I choose you. I choose you first and forever.” So why should we feel bad about making a decision to say no to someone or something else so as to better our relationship?
  4. Cherish a spouse who understands you and values your relationship just as much. I am a very lucky lady. I have a husband who has grown with me over the years. He has learned when to give me my space and when to hold me tighter. When I ask his opinion about whether I should stop doing an activity, so as to make more time for us, his first reaction was not to jump up and down with joy. Instead, he asked me if I was sure, because he knew I loved doing it. He then proceeded to tell me he would support my decision either way, as long as I was happy. How did I get so lucky?

So although my Monday started with spilling half my coffee all over myself, I know it will end with a smile, a kiss, and an “I love you” before bed. For this I am forever grateful.

-Xoxo, Carrie

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