Fossil Q Watch: Technology That Helps You Unplug From Technology

As I continue to aspire towards minimalism, I am always on the hunt for better ways to help myself unplug from distractions while still maintaining my priorities and commitments. Technology is by far one of those  “catch 22’s” in today’s world, especially for an entrepreneur that is plugged in to multiple email accounts, cell phone lines, and social media accounts. It can be difficult to put the phone away and say enough is enough. Enter stage left: The Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch.

The Fossil brand is an excellent higher end watch for the middle class budget. I have owned several of their standard watches and purchased several for my husband over the years. They never disappoint. That is why it was a no-brainer to invest in the hybrid smartwatch when they recently released it.

For reference I purchased this exact style watch:

They do offer multiple face colors and styles as well as various leather bands and stainless steel bands-something for everyone.

Some of the selling features include:

Activity tracker: There is a built in fitness tracker that records your daily steps. You can adjust your daily step goals and glance throughout the day at you watch to see the percentage steps you have completed. When you hit your goal for the day, your watch vibrates and the tracker shows you that you hit your goal. Even after reaching your goal, the watch continues to record your steps, however, and you can log into the phone app to get your daily grand total.

Notifications: Social Media / Text / Email / App Alerts / Multiple Time Zones / Alarm Clock / Calendar Alerts. You can choose one or two of these options, or all of them to set to your watch. Through the app you can select who you want to assign to various numbers on your watch. When a text or call comes in your watch will vibrate and both the hour and minute hand will line up on the appropriate number. You can do this as well for emails, social media alerts, etc. I personally do not like that many people so I simply have my husband, sister, and parents selected to be notified for. I have on a few occasions set the alarm clock to vibrate. I do have to mention though that if you are a heavy sleeper, this should not be your primary wake up option as it only vibrates. I myself am a heavy sleeper, so it took a while for the vibration to really wake me up.

Various Functions: Take a Picture / Control Your Music / Sleep Tracker / Step Tracker / Interchangeable Watch Band. I will be honest-I have only really used the sleep and step tracker functions so far. As far as the “take a picture” and “control your music” functions are concerned, I cannot comment too strongly, as I don’t see much need for them at the time being. The sleep tracker however, is fabulous. The best way I can describe this function is similar to a fit bit sleep tracker. Through the night the tracker actually picks up on when I am restless and notes if my sleep pattern is light or heavy and shows the exact times. The data is saved for each day and night and you can look back over trends for the weeks or months prior.

Connectivity: Bluetooth® Smart Enabled / 4.1 Low Energy. In simple terms-this connects to your phone or other device via Bluetooth. Aside from the first day when I was trying to set up my watch, I have not had any issues with keeping my watch data synced to my phone/app.

Compatibility: Android™ OS 5.0+, iPhone 5/iOS 9.0+, Smartphone App. Basically, if you have an up-to-date phone, you should be able to utilize this watch. I did pull these specs from the listing for my watch directly. These compatibility features may vary depending on the watch so be sure to double check before purchasing your own.

Battery: Battery life is expected to last around 6 months depending on usage. Battery replacements are super easy and they even give you a tool to use when you need to. Since my watch is still new I have yet to attempt a battery change.

Custom Goal Setting: Through the app, you can also set multiple personal goals for yourself, such as drinking “x” amount of water per day, or even “help a stranger a day.” You can set one of the side buttons on your phone so that once you hit a goal you simply press the button and it records.

Warranty: This watch does come with a FREE 2 year warranty that covers “defects in material or workmanship.” Since it was free, I naturally opted in. I will let you know how well they honor it if I end up having to use it.


-Multiple functions including fitness and sleep tracking, notifications and goal tracking

-Multiple band and face colors and designs

-No need to charge the battery


-Battery will need to be replaced every 6 months

-The size of the watch face can be a bit bigger than some people might prefer. They currently do not offer “petite” sized watch faces. My recommendation is to try them on in store before committing.

-You do not actually get to read the text or email on your watch. You will have to pull out your phone if you deem the person worthy or warranting a return message. Bummer.

One of the best selling points of this watch, for me, was that it looks and functions JUST like a regular watch. Unlike the Apple smartwatch, which is more digital and modern, I prefer Fossil’s watch face that has a clean standard look. If you do prefer digital readings, though, they do offer several for men and women on their website.

All-in-all I must say this was a solid investment. I have had this watch for a few months now and have been able to put my phone away more often or feel more at ease “ignoring” a notification sound it makes when my watch does not vibrate. If you are like me, and wish to unplug more, or simply wish to feel less attached to your phone, then I highly recommend investing in a Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch of your choosing.

*Please note, that this is my unsolicited opinion, and I am in no way being compensated for this review.*

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