Styling Services for the Working Woman: Stitch Fix V. MM.Lafleur

As an extremely busy entrepreneur and wife, I can attest it is nearly impossible to find time to go shopping for clothes. This can be extremely frustrating when trying to revamp your wardrobe so as to build a minimalist, high quality, capsule wardrobe. Enter: Styling services.

I definitely have a few go-to options for web-to-door needs. I typically run on a fully loaded schedule, so taking the time to even sort through pages and pages of online clothing options is a daunting task I would prefer to avoid. Because of this, I have two favorites I rely on: Stitch Fix (referral link) and MM. Lafleur.

Stitch Fix

For those that have a slightly tighter budget but don’t mind spending an average of $40-$50 per piece (some pieces are less, some are more). The quality of their brands are pretty good and every piece I have kept has been machine washable, which is huge to me. I hate dry cleaning. It’s too much of a hassle.

When you sign up for Stitch Fix, you will need to fill out a style profile and answer a few questions, give your sizing preferences, etc. You can access this profile and make changes at any point, which is great if your weight changes or simply prefer to alter the fit preference. Once completed you schedule your fix. They do offer recurring fixes (set it and forget it), or the option to manually request a fix when you have a need or desire. Of note, they do charge your card a $20 styling fee, which is applied towards whatever pieces you purchase. If you send all the pieces back, you are out the $20. I have received many fixes from them, and have yet to send every single piece back.

Style: They offer a wide range of pieces to suit every style, ranging for preppy to laid back to professional.

Comfort: Across the board, the comfort level is great. They offer multiple brands, so each piece will have a different feel. Your stylist will work with you, though, to discover what brands and styles you find most comfortable.

Quality: So far, I have only received one piece that wasn’t of the best quality. All others hold up well through many wears and washes.

Sizing and fit: This will definitely be a trial and error. Stitch Fix works with multiple brands, and you will need to work with your stylist to discover which size fits best in which brand. It can be a tad frustrating starting off, but if you stick with it, it will pay off.

Customer service: The customer service is average. If you need to contact them directly they request you email them. If you want to take to someone in person you are advised to request a call back. You do not have the ability to speak directly with your stylist, but you can make comments on the pieces when you check out, highlighting what you like or don’t like. They do read these comments and adjust for your next fix. They also include a note with your next fix letting you know they read your comments and explaining why they chose certain pieces for you.

Worth it?: Yes. As mentioned before, as long as you keep at least one piece, the $20 styling fee is applied to your balance. Even if you do not, it is a small price to pay for the convenience of someone doing all the leg work and offering free shipping and returns. There is no subscription. You simple click a few buttons when you want a fix!


Not for the faint of budgets. Price points at MM. Lafleur range from low $100’s to $300’s per piece. But the quality is WORTH IT. This brand is definitely an investment.

MM. Lafleur has two options: Shop on your own online, at a local pop up, or you can order a Bento Box. I have so far gone the route of Bento’s, which function similar to Stitch Fix. You work with a stylist (which you can actually email directly) and they send you 4-6 items based on your needs. They offer free shipping and returns. You have 4 days from when you receive the box to try on decide what to keep (excluding Sundays). If you like a piece but want to try on a different size, you can email your stylist and ask to order the desired size. They do let you keep the original piece(s) for comparison, BUT be warned, they will charge your card for BOTH pieces, and offer a refund once you decide which you want to keep. Make sure you have the funds to cover this.

Style: This brand is geared very much towards the professional, working woman. They offer simple patterns, solid colors, and clean lines that take the guesswork out of getting dressed in the morning.

Comfort: When you find a piece that you love, you will fall in love with the comfort. I have purchased 3 pieces from them so far-2 dresses and one pencil skirt. I could run a marathon in them.

Quality: You are definitely getting more than you pay for. These pieces are extremely durable.

Sizing and fit: If you give your stylist your actual measurements, this will go a long way. I selected my typical sizes, but also include by bust, waist, and hip measurements. This helped her send me the right sizes. Some dresses were one size, the skirt was another, etc. There was one top I ordered a size up, simply for comfort. The original fit okay, but I wanted a bit more breathing room in the bust and underarms.

Customer Service: 10 out 10. My stylist is extremely responsive, and I love that I can email her back and forth with questions or needs. I usually do not get around to emailing until the evening, but always get a response within 18-24 hours. If I email during business hours, she is usually quick to respond with an hour or two.

Worth it?: Most definitely. As long as you are prepared to REALLY invest in these pieces, this will not disappoint.

Do I have a favorite styling service? Between the two of these, no. They each serve a purpose. One benefits a working professional wardrobe, while the other lends itself better to versatile and budget friendly pieces. If it were to come down to customer service and range of shopping options, hands down I would chose MM.Lafleur.


*Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for my reviews. These opinions are solely my own.*

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